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To the surprise of many, three-year-old Xuanxuan chose a book rather than an iPad when she was offered the two.

It’s admirable as many parents see it. They are upset by their babies’ obsession with iPad and TV.

Xuanxuan’s mother, Lu Xiaoling, fromNanjing, shared her experience online of turning her iPad baby to a book kind of girl.

She said she has bought her daughter more than 600 books at home.

“Unlike other children, Xuanxuan loves to read from the bottom of her heart and she asks me to read books for her every day,” said Lu. “The number of books may be huge for a child but most of the 600 books are what she likes and no one of them is forced by us adults for her to read.”

She also told the reporter that many of her friends’ children are iPad fans. When the adults meet, the children always “forget to eat or sleep” but playing with iPads all the time. She said it’s a result of parents’ guidance. As she thought TV is not good for the eyesight of children, her family would not watch TV at home after her daughter was born and iPad is also a no for her daughter.

All kinds of colorful picture books opened a new world for Xuanxuan. Her love for books has led Xuanxuan to quickly adapt to the life in kindergarten – she never cried. A kindergarten teacher appraised her as “giving, communicable and with her own thoughts”.

Xuanxuan’s story has won many yes’s from parents who are “enlightened” and say will make great efforts in fostering the reading habit for their children by reading books to them from then on.