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Part1 Overseas Chinese Students

Nowadays, it is so easy for people from different countries to travel and study abroad! How to get there and how much money to bring is no longer a worry – what concerns most people these days is how to adapt to local culture and society. Culture shock is still not easily overcome. Today we will share their own stories!

Part2 Foreign students in China

Nowadays, it is so easy for people from different countries to travel and study abroad! What is it like for foreign students studying in China? So how do China looks like in their eyes? How much have they learn about China in Chinese culture? It is indisputable that Culture shock is still not easily overcomed. Today we are joined here live by three foreign students to talk about their exprience in China.

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As China was getting an introduction to Western introspection, Spain was being introduced to a Chinese tradition. Barcelona got a rare show of China’s highest performing art – Kunqu Opera. It took place Sunday night, as a highlight of the Asian Arts Festival in Barcelona.

Over six hundred people sat in the audience at Barcelona’s Mercat De Les Flors Theatre. It was a rare treat, a chance to hear traditional Chinese opera.

The visiting troupe – the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre is a first-class theatre company. The star performers Wang Zhenyi and Wei Chunrong staged a repertoire program – Jade Hairpin. It’s a period love story, seasoned with some comedic touches.

The program was subtitled in both English and Spanish translations to help the audience understand the story narrative.

Members of the audience came away from the show, eager to learn more about Chinese culture.

An audience member said, “I almost understand the story. The actors’ makeup and gestures are so graceful.”

“Traditional Chinese music is so beautiful, and so different from our Spanish music,” said an audience member.

Kunqu Opera is on the UNESCO list of “Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. The six-hundred-year-old art form is famed as the progenitor of all Chinese opera.

The show is part of the ongoing Chinese Arts Festival in Spain.

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Nowadays, there is an increasing number of foreign people choose to live in China as China become more and more important both in politic and economy.Why do they want to live in China? What attracts them to settle down in China? Maybe the delicious food, friendly Chinese people, beautiful landscapes, or any other reasons. Anyway, most of them live a happy life in China, and share their stories with Chinese friends.

Part1 Belgian cuisine in China-Morel and his restaurants

Renaat Morel, a Belgian born to a chef family. He married a Chiese wife and settled down in Beijing. He runs two restaurants named after him and is the president of Bejing Morel Group, which focuses on food and beverage, trading, consulting and legal services, etc. The secret of his success is: Employee comes first.

Part2 American Zhang’s happiness index

It was 1975 when Lao Zhang first came, at a time when few foreigners lived in China. His parents were working here at the invitation of the China International Publishing Group. Lao Zhang came to visit his parents, and it was his first encounter with this alien land.

Part3 Will,a British in Beijing

Beijing is an international metropolis. It gathers together people and cuisines from around the world. Will has been living in the city for 13 years. With perseverance and curiosity, he has been tracing local customs, old and famous brands, and delicacies. Will hopes to write a book about his understanding of the different cuisines.

part 4 Living it slow in a hutong

This is Cafe Seduction, in #14 Mao´er Hutong. You can kill time here, doing nothing. You can look at the cats, listen to crows flying over, chat, drink, or party with friends. The 1930s Shanghai and Prague are our inspirations. We´re getting there. We need to work hard to make it happen. This is a comment left by the owners of a cafe on They are Philippe and Marian, both from the Czech Republic.

Do ESL jobs in China

Dozens of international students at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing had a chance to learn more about Lei Feng, a Chinese model of altruism, at an international culture event on Friday.

The group’s instruction first started with a video clip showing Lei Feng volunteering for several days to transport bricks that would be used in the construction of a school and then asking to not be given credit by name. It then watched a short pantomime performed by two Chinese students who portrayed various episodes in Lei Feng’s life.

Jaime Vega Pinol, from Barcelona, arrived at the university two weeks ago and came to the event on Friday with a friend, Sofia Laura Algar Berrondo.

Both are exchange students who will be in China for a semester, taking classes in business administration. They said they are eager to learn about the country’s culture and will begin taking Chinese classes on Monday.

“In his short life, Lei Feng helped many people,” Algar Berrondo said. “What he did was modest, but it was important for society.”

After watching the short video, Vega Pinol said he better understood Lei Feng’s life.

“It was interesting to see that China in Lei Feng’s day was like Spain in the 1960s – the atmosphere and the environment,” he said.

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