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A volunteer teacher from Nigeria is proving to be a hero among his students in Wuhan. Having donated 5,000 yuan to the school he works at, the Adam Scholarship will help pupils learn English.

The donation ceremony was held during the short break time at the Chunmiao Primary School. Adam won a 5,000 yuan bonus on a TV program on the 22nd of February. He immediately thought of the children in Chunmiao.

After just a brief meeting with the children of Chunmiao Primary School on a TV program in May of 2010, Adam became destined to bond with the children there.

One month later, Adam started his new role as an English teacher in the school. He usually teaches five lessons a day, instructing students from different classes and grades. On teaching days, he gets up very early at 6:30am and takes the No 715 bus to travel from his university to the primary school.

Adam has a different way of teaching from his Chinese counterparts. In the classroom, he resorts to all kinds of gestures to encourage students. Outside, he will start a conversation – in English – whenever he comes across his students, to help them practice listening and speaking in a casual environment. His warm smile and heart co
nquers all his students.

Adam was born in Nigeria in 1985, and is now a third-year student majoring in sociology. With regards to his future, he says he would like to continue to pursue a PhD in Wuhan after he finishes his current studies. He has promised he will continue to serve as an English teacher for the students in Chunmiao primary school as long as he stays in Wuhan.

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