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Full-time Great teaching job in Taiwan

at ESL Job Taiwan in Taiwan

Many great teaching jobs around Taiwan,hiring couples and single teachers ASAP

Teachers use our free service.
We work with many schools in Taiwan
to help them recruit.
Teachers are paid by schools directly.
We help teachers secure jobs lined up
before they come to Taiwan
or teachers can interview with schools face to face if they prefer.
Talk to us on Skype : esljobtaiwan
Please email us your photo,resume.
If possible, please email us your self introductory video
so schools can quickly know more about you.
Schools hire passport holders of English speaking countries with a degree
or college diploma with a TEFL certificate.
All schools provide work permits,curriculum.

Some jobs available in Taiwan .

Please apply at
with your resume, photos of you.
If possible ,with your self introductory video. Thank you!

We can place couples or single teachers ASAP.
Please email us for a job lined up before you come

or face to face interviews.

To apply, please email at

Also, the easiest way to become TEFL certified for more job chances,
Many schools only hire TEFL teachers.

The great and cheap online 120 hour TEFL course here.
You can use this code " esljobtaiwantefl " to enroll the 120 hour TEFL course
and get USD 100 off for the TEFL course. Please use that code, esljobtaiwantefl to check out,then you will get USD 100 off for the course.

Or you can also check this out
please click here
to get a TEFL certificate.
Many schools prefer to hire TEFL teachers.

Job list below

1.Job in SongShan, Taipei city

about 17-19hours a week to start ,Mon to Fri hours

600-750NTD an hour

based on your teaching ability.

Mon to Fri work.hours between 1-6pm or so,

you must do lesson plans well

Teaching kids in Sanchong,New Taipei city
650NTD an hour
15-20 hours a week,working for 2 branches

Mon to Fri hours only

Teaching in Banciao,New Taipei city and Sanxia,New Taipei city
working Mon to Fri
20-25 hours a week
600-650 NTD an hour
working for 2 branches

Teaching kids in Hsinchu city

Mon to Fri afternoon evening hours, 20-25hr a week
600-650NTD an hour

2 jobs open in Jhubei,Hsinchu

Mon to Fri hours

20 hours -25 hours a week
600-700NTD an hour


We need a teacher to teach in Xitun,Taichung
city .20 hours a week
650NTD an hour

7.We need a teacher to teach in Linkou,New Taipei city ASAP. 650-750NTD an hour
20hours a week

We can hire a couple ASAP
Teaching kids English in Changhua city

Hours between 2-9 pm usually.20-25 hours a week
Monday to Friday hours only .600-650per hour. Start immediately. Work permit offered . Email at

9.Teaching in Yuanlin,Changhua

Hours between 2-9 pm usually.20-25 hours a week But now we also have morning camp. 9-11:30 am Monday to Friday.600-650per hour. Start immediately. Work permit offered . Email at

This is the only job with housing!!
jobs in Miaoli county
the formal 5 day training
you can teach in Toufen and Zhunan town of Miaoli county
we can hire 1-2 teachers.
we offer free housing, no rent
they provide work permit,help you rent a place
your rent is 5000-7500NTD a month
offer training,orientation

at least 80 teaching hours a month, usually more
7-12 ages

Mon to Fri work only between 2-9pm
1 year job


Teaching kids in Pingchen,Taoyuan( near Jhongli,Taoyuan)
2 teachers needed
30 hours a week,
600-650NTD an hour
morning aftenrnoon hours

12.Teaching kids in Linkou,New Taipei city,( near Guishan,Taoyuan)
teachers needed
30 hours a week,
600-650NTD an hour
morning aftenrnoon hours

Some teachers' references that have worked with ESL job Taiwan below

Bryan Wu made things work for me when no other recruiter would even respond to my inquiries. I'm an experienced English language teacher with a graduate degree and TESOL certification, having taught English at the middle school/high school levels and at multiple universities in China and Vietnam. My age -- now 71 years old -- seems to have been a challenge for all recruiters except for Bryan Wu. Bryan honestly explained to me how most schools prefer younger applicants and that I would face that barrier, yet he worked his contacts and arranged several interviews. Within days, I was offered a teaching position by a reputable school with young learners. I honor Bryan for his honesty and for his determination to look beyond the barriers. He is a recruiter who will work for you!
Rick Fendrick

Thank you so much for assisting me on finding a job here in Taiwan, Bryan! There’s no place I’d rather be since the staff are great and the school is comfortable to work in. I couldn’t have done and got in this school without you. You are an angel! Thank you so much for all the help in helping me find a job, Bryan. Ruthie Pie

Thanks a lot to Mr Bryan. He has really helped me to get this job. Even the school I am teaching in it's very professional. I am just so happy.

Bryan is a very good person, I just sent him my CV and it didn't take long to get me a job. Thank you Mr Bryan.
Njabulo zulu

Hi, my name is Tytus. I currently teach English here in Taiwan, in both elementary and cram school. It's been a year now, a year of hard work for sure but also an unforgettable adventure and quite an experience. Bryan helped me with finding it and settling details, which simply made it easier for me. Everything went smoothly and quickly.
No unpleasant surprises nor disappointments. Nor any fee to pay either. Therefore, from my own case, I can strongly recommend the cooperation! Tytus Błaszczak

My name is Jonathan Nichols and I am currently teaching English in Taiwan. Bryan Wu is an excellent recruiter who helped me find employment. He was very helpful at answering the many questions I had. I am having a great time in Taiwan and it all thanks to Bryan Wu.

I am currently an English teacher in Taiwan. Bryan Wu helped me to find my first
teaching position in Wuchi - Taichung County four years ago. He has also helped
me find my current post in Taoyuan City.

Over the past four years I have built up a wonderful working relationship with Bryan.
Bryan is a wonderful and honest agent. He has always been very helpful and friendly.

Bryan definitely walks more than the extra mile with his recruiters!

Yours sincerely

Jeanette Victor

My name is Yen Truong. I'm writing this letter to let you know more about Bryan Wu, an independent recruiter in Taiwan. He helps foreigners to find English teaching jobs in Taiwan. He doesn't collect any fee from foreigners. He might ask for a lot of information, but it's all for the interview and paperwork process. It's not a scam. All the jobs are real jobs. He has helped me to find 3 different full time jobs in Taiwan within the past 2 years. Some jobs are better than others, but they are all pretty standard in Taiwan. You will have a decent salary to support yourself and travel around Taiwan. If you don't like the job he has found you, then he will try to find you another one. I didn't like the 2nd job he found me, so he found me a 3rd job which I really enjoy doing now. I'm Asian American, and I'm not a native English speaker. But he still managed to find jobs for me. So if you are qualified and willing to work, he should be able to find you a decent job.

Bryan gave my information that I provided him with to schools in various locations in China and Taiwan - so that he could directly speak to the school themselves. He would then provide me with information about a school that would want to speak to me and give me the information about the job. I ended up getting a job in Central Taiwan with Shane English Schools and I have had an amazing time in Taiwan thus far. One thing that you should really take into account is that not only does he help you find a job, he doesn't charge you a penny."
Robert Heslop

Mr. Wu supplied information about the teaching opportunity within hours of my first contacting him. He promptly provided details about the location, work hours, and contact information of the school officials. He is quick to respond to any questions I have or any information I might need even after several months on the job. In addition, Mr. Wu kindly keeps in contact to make sure that daily work life is going smoothly. I find him to be is a reliable individual in assisting candidates to find a teaching position in Taiwan.
Kathy Tsai

Note: Please mention when applying.

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