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ESL Jobs for Training School

Full-time 24000Rmb airfare a year teach In Tonglu of Hangzhou in September 2012 at Amanda’s Education Consultancy in Hangzhou 13-06-2012
Full-time Urgent ESL teaching positions in Guangzhou,Guangdong at Wanpan in Guangzhou 12-06-2012
Full-time 3 Public middle schools in Changsha/Hengyang/Changde,Hunan at Wanpan in Changsha/Hengyang/Changde 12-06-2012
Full-time Teaching Children in a big city of Shanghai ASAP! at Wanpan in Shanghai 12-06-2012
Full-time Teach ESL with RMB8500 a month in Nan'an,Fujian at Wanpan in Nan'an 12-06-2012
Full-time Teach Children in Loudi,Hunan-Sep,2012 at Wanpan in Loudi 12-06-2012
Full-time Teach ESL in Changchun, Jilin at Wanpan in Changchun 12-06-2012
Full-time 4 ESL teachers needed in Yangzhou,Jiangsu at Wanpan in Yangzhou 12-06-2012
Full-time Urgent ESL teaching positions in Wuhan,Dalian and Shijiazhuang at Wanpan in Wuhan,Dalian and Shijiazhuang 12-06-2012
Full-time Native speaker needed in Liuzhou,Guangxi-June,2012 at Wanpan in Liuzhou 12-06-2012

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