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ESL Jobs for University

Full-time university english teaching in downtown linhai seaside city 5500~6000RMB at wendy in linhai of taizhou city 07-06-2012
Full-time college english teaching in jiujiang city jiangxi 5600~6200RMB at wendy in jiujiang city jiangxi province 07-06-2012
Full-time 5000 to 6000RMB, College in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province at Lydia JZ in Jinzhong, China 06-06-2012
Full-time college english teacher need in yichun city jiangxi 5500~6000RMB at education company in yichun city jiangxi 06-06-2012
Full-time college english teaching in lianyungang city jiangsu 6000~6500RMB at education company in lianyungang 06-06-2012
Full-time 5900RMB college english teaching in dujiangyan of chengdu city at education company in Chengdu 06-06-2012
Full-time RMB16000 for an Academic Director in Shijiazhuang,Hebei at IvyLI in Shijiazhuang 05-06-2012
Full-time An university teaching position in Jinggangshan,Jiangxi at Ivypan in Jinggangshan 05-06-2012

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