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ESL Jobs for University

Full-time 6000~6500RMB college english teaching in lianyungang city jiangsu at wendy in lianyungang city jiangsu province 12-06-2012
Full-time english and korea teacher need in chuzhou city anhui vocation paid at wendy in chuzhou city anhui province 12-06-2012
Full-time University in Fengyang county, Anhui province, Sep 2012 at Lydia FY in Fengyang, China 11-06-2012
Full-time 6000 to 8000RMB, College in Baotou city, Inner Mongolia, Sep at Lydia BT in Baotou, China 11-06-2012
Full-time 5500RMB, University in Linfen city, Shanxi province, China, Sep at Lydia LF in Linfen, China 11-06-2012
Full-time University in Xiaogan city, Hubei province, Sep at Lydia XG in Xiaogan, China 08-06-2012
Full-time English Teacher in University at in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China 08-06-2012
Full-time account and spoken english teacher need in putian city fujian at education company in putian city fujian province 08-06-2012
Full-time portugues german and oral english teacher need in nanchang college at education company in Nanchang 08-06-2012
Full-time french teacher need in a college of chizhou city anhui at education company in chizhou city anhui province 08-06-2012
Full-time native english teaching in lianyungang college 5000RMB sep at wendy in lianyungang city jiangsu 08-06-2012
Full-time 4500RMB,2ESL teachers need in Nanjing Public University on Sep at Nanjing Public University in Nanjing 08-06-2012
Full-time 5000-6000RMB ,A couple teachers need in Jiangsu Public College at Jiangsu Public College in Changzhou 08-06-2012
Full-time 6000RMB,A couple teachers need in Guangdong Public College at Guangdong Public College in Jiangmin 08-06-2012
Full-time 5000-6000RMB,one Female teacher need inJiangsu Public College at Jiangsu Public College in Lianyungang 08-06-2012
Full-time University position in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province at Lydia NJ in Nanjing 07-06-2012
Full-time Teach English in Fujian university at Amanda’s Education Consultancy in Fuzhou 07-06-2012
Full-time 10000Rmb/month plus free accommodation Teach In Jinhua and Zhenjiang of Zhejiang in Sep. 2012 at Amanda’s Education Consultancy in Jinhua 07-06-2012
Full-time Teach in Lishui College of Zhejiang Province in Sep.2012 at Amanda’s Education Consultancy in Lishui 07-06-2012
Full-time college english teacher need in yuncheng city shanxi t at education company in yuncheng city shanxi province 07-06-2012
Full-time native tefl teacher need in linfen city shanxi province 5500RMB at wendy in linfen city shanxi province 07-06-2012

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